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Iron Mountain High School Bulletin for Sunday, November 17, 2019

College Visits to IMHS The following College and Universities are planning visits to IMHS:
Tuesday, November 26 - MTU ROTC -display and table set up on C floor - during seminar.
All Juniors and Seniors are encouraged to take advantage of this opportunity and meet with these reps.
Sign up for the visit on the Guidance Office Door and plan to pick up your pass from Mrs. Greenleaf in the Guidance Office the day before the visit.

ATTENTION CLASS OF 2020 Be sure to save your Econo Foods and Super One receipts for your all-night Graduation Party and turn them in periodically to the Guidance Office.

CLOTHES CLOSET: The clothes closet is available for all students. There are many items that ANY student can use. Mountaineer gear, sweatshirts, winter coats, formal dresses and more. Many items are brand name. Please see Mrs. Greenleaf in the Guidance office to schedule a time to check it out. Appointments can be made outside of school hours if needed.

CAREER EXPLORATION SITE: www.careercruising.com is an excellent site to explore careers. USERNAME: iron PASSWORD: mountain

VOLUNTEER HOURS: Students are encouraged to turn in their volunteer hour sheets to DICSA and pick up new ones if needed from the Guidance Office. Any questions please see Mrs. Greenleaf.

JUNIORS/SENIORS, CHECK OUT THE MIDWEST STUDENT EXCHANGE PROGRAM-- An easy way to save money on out-of-state tuition costs on colleges in the Midwest including Wisconsin, Illinois, Minnesota. Visit http://msep.mhec.org to learn more.

Homework Help is available Monday through Thursday for grades 7-12 in the Media Center from 3:00 - 4:00.

TUTORING FOR STUDENTS DURING SEMINAR: Students who would like help with their homework are encouraged to visit the library/media center during seminar where you will find student tutors who are willing to help with your academics. Be sure to bring a pass with you from your seminar teacher.

Bay Dual Enrollment Classes for Winter Semester 2020-- Bay Dual Enrollment Classes for Winter Semester 2020--Bay College will begin accepting registration forms for WINTER SEMESTER dual enrollment now. Online classes fill up quickly so please stop and see Mrs. Truscott for the necessary paperwork to dual enroll for next fall ASAP. IMHS will pay for tuition, technology fees, and a book if necessary (always check in the Guidance Office of the HS before buying any books to make sure we don't already own it. If we do, the school will not reimburse. And, if there are online versions of the book available, the school will not reimburse you for the book. Note that the deadline to be reimbursed for books is January 31 for Term 1 and May 31 for Term 2.) Students who dual enroll and do not pass the class with a satisfactory grade of a C- or better will be required to repay the Iron Mountain School District for tuition, technology, and book fees. Please see Mrs. Truscott with any questions/concerns.

To complete the admissions process you need to:

1. Complete Bay's ON-LINE APPLICATION complete with your Social Security Number.

2. Complete the DUAL ENROLLMENT CONTRACT and bring in to Mrs. Truscott.


If interested in dual enrollment, be sure to check out the Michigan

Transfer Network to see if your courses will transfer to the university you plan to attend at www.MichiganTransferNetwork.org.

SENIOR GRADUATION PICTURES-- Seniors, the deadline to upload your senior graduation picture to the Google Photos, Seniors 2020 Album, will be March 1. If you need any help with this, please see Mrs. Haferkorn who is in the HS building 1st hour, 2nd hour, 7th hour, or after school in the C-Floor Computer Lab.

SELECTIVE SERVICE REGISTRATION If you are a male, you are required by law to register within 30 days of your 18th birthday with the Director of Selective Service at SSS.gov. You can pre-register at 17 years and 3 months of age and your registration will be held until you reach age 18. Spending 45 seconds online can save you 45 years of headaches and heartaches.

JUNIOR ASVAB TEST--- All juniors will be taking the ASVAB test at Bay West in Fornetti Hall on Wed., Dec. 4. Students are to report to Bay West for 7:40 a.m. and will return to IMHS for afternoon classes. If anyone has a transportation problem, please see Mrs. Truscott.

INTERESTED IN JOINING THE WRESTLING TEAM: Practice starts November 18th at 4:30 pm in the wrestling room. We are also having open mats this week Monday thru Thursday starting at 5:30 for anyone interested in wrestling team. Please sign up in the office.

SATURDAY SCHOOL: Students serving time in Saturday School are reminded that they will only be admitted to the building through the main doors between 7:50 - 8:05. Students must have school work or a book to read. No cell phone or computer use!

CONGRATULATIONS: to Alex Rankin who has been selected by the IMHS faculty as the DAR (Daughter’s of the American Revolution) Good Citizen Award nominee. This nomination is based on dependability, service, leadership and patriotism. Alex now has the opportunity to compete in the scholarship portion of the program if he chooses.

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