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Iron Mountain High School Bulletin for Thursday, July 18, 2019

Bay Dual Enrollment Classes for Fall Semester 2019 Bay Dual Enrollment Classes for Fall Semester 2019--Bay College will begin accepting registration forms for fall dual enrollment now. Online classes fill up quickly so please stop and see Mrs. Truscott for the necessary paperwork to dual enroll for next fall ASAP. IMHS will pay for tuition, technology fees, and a book if necessary (always check in the Guidance Office of the HS before buying any books to make sure we don't already own it. If we do, the school will not reimburse. And, if there are online versions of the book available, the school will not reimburse you for the book. Note that the deadline to be reimbursed for books is January 31 for Term 1 and May 31 for Term 2.) Students who dual enroll and do not pass the class with a satisfactory grade of a C- or better will be required to repay the Iron Mountain School District for tuition, technology, and book fees. Please see Mrs. Truscott with any questions/concerns.

To complete the admissions process you need to:

1. Complete Bay's ON-LINE APPLICATION complete with your Social Security Number.

2. Complete the DUAL ENROLLMENT CONTRACT and bring in to Mrs. Truscott.


If interested in dual enrollment, be sure to check out the Michigan

Transfer Network to see if your courses will transfer to the university you plan to attend at www.MichiganTransferNetwork.org.

COMMON APPLICATION - Next year's seniors who are planning to apply to colleges such as the University of MI, Albion, etc., are encouraged to start the application process the beginning of August as it is a very lengthy process and one you are encouraged to get a good start on this before school starts in the fall.

JUNIORS, WORK ON YOUR RÉSUMÉ THIS SUMMER! Many colleges will require you to list all of your activities, awards, employment, and volunteer experiences either in résumé format or on college applications, often with start and end dates, specific duties, and accomplishments. ALSO, BEEF UP YOUR READING LIST! Not only will this help keep up your vocabulary for the ACT/SAT, but reading the classics will prepare you for college reading expectations.

JUNIORS/SENIORS, CHECK OUT THE MIDWEST STUDENT EXCHANGE PROGRAM-- An easy way to save money on out-of-state tuition costs on colleges in the Midwest including Wisconsin, Illinois, Minnesota. Visit http://msep.mhec.org to learn more.

COLLEGE CAMPUS VISITS-- This summer is a good time to visit college campuses to help find the right one for you. Remember to contact the Admissions Office to set up your campus visits. Pick up a COLLEGE COMPARISON WORKSHEET in the Guidance Center to help you keep track of your findings.

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